Bamboo: The Giant Grass

Bamboo has been used in some parts of the world for centuries to fulfill all
of man's basic needs: food, clothing and shelter.  Today, beautiful
flooring, paneling and veneers are crafted from this grass.  Cloth obtained
from both bamboo fiber and bamboo rayon are popular fabrics.  Bamboo
shoots are still a favorite dish in Asia and throughout the world.  There are
even several companies that build bamboo houses that meet or exceed
international and state building codes.

In the United States, however, bamboo is grown for its beauty.  It has
inspired architects, artists, poets and philosophers. Its surprising variation
of colors and textures in combination with its strength and tolerance in
harsh conditions, makes it the perfect landscaping plant for our area.

At our nursery, we have over 50 varieties of bamboo adapted for almost
any area of your landscape.  Whether you want a tough and vigorous
ground cover or a tall stately timber bamboo, we have it in stock.  We
offer free consultations and can even recommend local landscapers to help
you with your project.  We have been proud members of the American
Bamboo Society (ABS) and the Texas Bamboo Society (TBS) for over a