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Simmons BAMBOO Farm
Bamboo Species:
Bambusa multiplex "Tiny Fern"
"Tiny Fern is an ornamental clumping bamboo prized for its delicate foliage which, as its name
suggests, resembles fern fronds.  The culms (stems) are solid green.  The leaves are small and
bipinnate.  They occassionally revert to the larger leaves of "Fernleaf".  It is hardy down to 19 degrees
without leaf loss and can withstand mild drought once established.  It reaches heights between 3 and 6
feet high.  This plant is well suited to pots, containers or small spaces.  It is particularly beautiful when
brought indoors, although it stll needs plenty of sunlight and humidity to thrive.  It prefers full sun and
slightly acidic soil with plenty of nitrogen.  It is a member of the
Bambusa multiplex group which
contains some of the hardiest clumping bamboos.