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Simmons BAMBOO Farm
Bamboo Species:
Bambusa multiplex
            "Hedge Bamboo"
Hedge Bamboo is an ornamental clumping bamboo.  The plant may reach 25 feet in height and has a
canopy that is gradually arching.  It can tolerate pruning and does not spread which makes it ideal for
planting as a hedge or green barrier.   Green Hedge foliage is courser than  many of the other varieties
in this group.  The culms (stems) are green, turning lighter when exposed to the sun.  It is hardy down to
19 degrees without leaf loss.  It reaches heights between 20 and 25 feet high.  It prefers full sun and
slightly acidic soil with plenty of nitrogen.  It is a parent member of the
Bambusa multiplex group which
contains some of the hardiest clumping bamboos.