Basil is an herb most commonly associated with Italian cuisine.  However, there
are at least 25 species and cultivars of basil used in foods all over the world. The
basil family also varies widely with flavors as diverse as lemon, lime, cinnamon,
anise and camphor.  At Simmons Family Farms we grow 4 different types of basil.  
Sweet Basil, Italian basil, is our most popular.  We also grow Mammoth basil
which has a similar flavor with very large leaves.  We grow 2 varieties of Asian
basil; Thai Basil (called Horapa) and Holy Basil (Sacred Basil). Both of these are
important in Southeast Asian cooking and can be difficult to find.  Having the
right ingredients is essential to any dish so feel free to contact us if you would like
to have a certain type of basil as we quite frequently sell out.

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