Simmons Family Farms
About Us

Penel Simmons: Penel has been involved with many facets of horticulture
during the last 40 years including permaculture and master gardener training
courses.  She has worked at several retail nurseries including
The Great
and Gardens in Austin.  She "retired" in the summer of 2009 and is
now at the farm full-time working and experimenting with new and exciting crops.

Harry & Maew Simmons:  Harry has received a graduate degree in
tropical horticulture (bamboo) in Thailand. He also has a BS in Horticulture.  
Maew has many years of experience growing and cultivating vegetables in

Jacob & Sue Simmons: Jacob is a violin maker and Sue a tutor and
full-time mom.  Jacob can fix anything which, unfortunately for him, means he
gets the unpleasant tasks of fixing broken machinery and greenhouses.  He
also takes care of chickens and cows.  Sue gardens and uses her educational
background to keep our farm on track.

Dan Simmons: Dan is the youngest of the 5 Simmons siblings.  He has
been fascinated with tractors since before he could walk and has become our
go-to man when tractor maneuvering skills are a must.

Chutima "Apple" Simmons:  Apple, as she likes to be called, is currently
attending Austin Community College (ACC) and helps her parents (Harry and
Maew) whenever it doesn't interfere with her busy scholastic and social

Lonnie Rincon: Lonnie was adopted into the family 13 years ago and
specializes in anything requiring strong, physical  effort and a surly disposition,
for both of which he is overqualified.
Harry & Maew Simmons
Penel Simmons (With
Granddaughter Jane)
Jacob & Sue Simmons
Dan Simmons
(with nephew Collin)
Chutima "Apple" Simmons
Lonnie Rincon