Simmons Family Farms
About Our Farms

Simmons Family Farms is a family owned and operated farm located
25 miles Southeast of Austin in Niederwald, Texas.  Simmons family
members working on the farm have more than 5 decades of combined
experience working and studying in the horticultural field.  In early 2007
the family purchased 2 properties with plans to develop a sustainable
farm and bamboo nursery.

Niederwald Farm
The Niederwald Farm is our center of operation.  Previously used as a
horse ranch, the 131 acres included a 40 acre hay field, several barns,
40 horse stalls, a race track and horse walker.  We have converted the
farm adding 2 greenhouses, 3 vegetable gardens, numerous fruit trees
and several hundred blackberry plants which should be at peak
production next spring.  After much experimenting and  discussion with
several local farmers and growers, we have chosen several annual
crops and products that seem to work well in our area.   

In addition to vegetable crops, we have   We currently have over 150
hens laying with another 100 chicks that will replace the older hens in a
few months.  Our grass fed beef herd is small enough to receive
personal attention.  We also have a small number of rabbits for those
looking for a lean alternative to chicken.

Luling Farm
The Luling Farm was cleaned and a barn was constructed early in
2007 for storing equipment.  The 227 acres are currently being used as
pasture for cattle with plans to develop a small section for watermelons
and cantaloupes there in the near future.

Bamboo Farm
The bamboo farm is located at the Niederwald Farm but extends to
several locations off the farm where bamboo is field grown before it is
prepared for market.  We currently have over 60 species consisting of
small, ornamental and non-invasive clumping bamboos.